The Youth Making a Difference Conference

YMAD is the coming together of youth to harness the educating, empowering, and inspiring powers of being connected with like-minded students.

Youth Making a Difference is a one day conference dedicated to educating students on local issues while providing them with the tools necessary to be an agent of change in their communities. Having been attended by over 3000 students, YMAD strives to curate students’ passion for social justice and transform it into positive action.

YMAD is a results based conference – ACCESS actively gauges student feedback to create workshops and invite speakers that benefit attendees beyond their expectations. Past attendees have left our conference with the energy and determination needed to start their own organizations, begin meaningful careers, and with a new passion for social justice. With student networking, inspiring keynotes and teacher-focused workshops, we have worked to build an atmosphere that continues to inspire students upon their return to their school and communities.

We’re looking for youth to make a difference. Meet you at YMAD.

YMAD Workshops: The Future

When we are not hosting our large-scale conference, ACCESS now offers YMAD in workshop format. Please contact to discuss bringing YMAD to your school, community centre or startup. Our workshop focuses on the same skills and works with students directly on developing their own projects.

YMAD is a program of ACCESS. To learn more about ACCESS, connect with us here.