Student Projects and Highlights from YMAD6

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Student Projects and Highlights from YMAD6

ACCESS is excited to announce the winning student groups from this year’s YMAD conference!

The sixth Youth Making a Difference Conference was hosted by ACCESS at the Brampton Community Door. The event featured activities, stories and instructions to help students start socially-focused projects. Students worked in smaller groups and produced tangible results.

The student groups’ concepts were evaluated and winning projects have been selected from John Cabot Secondary School in Mississauga and St. Edmund Campion Secondary School in Brampton. These groups will be working with ACCESS and their schools to have their projects developed and turned into action this year.

Damon Pfaff, the YMAD Coordinator, shared the 3 main considerations in selecting the winning groups.

“Does the group really care about your idea? Do you show that you have the ability to confront a real problem? Does your concept have room to grow with some support?” Damon asks.

“The students we had this year showed a ton of potential and it was really rewarding to see how they were able to take the tools we gave them and do so much in just one day!”

The winning groups are announced in the video below:

Thank you to all students who participated and to the schools for supporting the student projects.